Name: James Blankenbeckler HOST/OWNER 

Home town: Hillsboro, Indiana

Family: My wonderful wife Elizabeth and my two fat lazy yellow Labs named Mac & Gus James_Blankenbeckler_02

Job: Sales & Service at Jackson Oil Solvents  

Open Season Position: Pro Staff coordinator, Outfitters, Website, Store, and a little editing

Favorite animals to hunt: Whitetail and Mule Deer

Who got you into hunting: Chuck Paddocks father Leston Max Paddock took the time to introduce to the sport I love. 

Most memorable hunt: My first deer I killed on film we called him the Freak. I passed this deer 6 times the year before because he had a messed up rack. I had been hunting since August and it was early November and I hadn’t killed anything and that was a whole new experience for me. Finally on November 7th me and Chuck was in our favorite stand ( The Killing Tree ) and here comes the Freak and stopped broadside and offered a perfect shot. This was my first kill on film and to have Chuck ( the person I have hunted with all my life ) film it was exactly how I would have written it.

chucckmuleweb2Name: Chuck Paddock HOST/OWNER

Home town: Covington

Family: Lori Paddock, Ashley Paddock & Lauren Paddock

Job: Barging Salesman

Open Season Position: Head of Sales & Marketing

Favorite animals to hunt: Whitetails, Elk, Mule Deer & Bear

Who got you into hunting: My Dad Leston Max Paddock

Most memorable hunt: My very first Whitetail buck I killed when I was 14 years old with my bow on the ground at 10 yds.

MikesBear2013_1_of_1Name: Mike Vanes  Pro Staff / Marketing Coordinator
Social Media 

Home town: Toledo ,Ohio

Family: Wife-Becky , Son-Micheas , Daughter-Faith , Daughter-Casidy

Job: Marketing 

Open Season Position: Marketing coordinator here at Open Season tv. He also teaches our annual Pro Staff camera school and runs the  social media for Open Season tv .

Favorite animals to hunt: Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope,Bear & Turkey

Who got you into hunting: My dad got me started in the hardwoods of Michigan he never really hunted so it was new to him and he wanted to get me outdoors so he did and to this day cant thank him enough. I CANT GET ENOUGH, now I am passing the great outdoors to my kids and they love it 

Most memorable hunt: Is when I was with my son on his first hog hunt in florida , and the look on his face was pricless when he shot that thing , I will never forget that day, neither will he. 


Preston__1_of_1Name: Tom Preston

Home town: Groveport, OH

Family: Wife-Kim, Sons- Michael, Mitchell and Matthew

Job: Senior Cardiovascular Perfusionist

Favorite animals to hunt: Whitetails, Turkeys,

Who got you into hunting: My father

Most memorable hunt: Taking my oldest son out for his first archery (crossbow) whitetail hunt at 9. He shot a small buck that had been injured and was having trouble getting around