JacksonName: Rusty Jackson

Hometown : Allensville , Kentucky

Family : Wife Jessica, Son Will, Son Jacob 

Job Owner  Jackson Logging 


METZ_1_of_1Name: Cody Metz

Hometown: Vienna, WV

Family: Wife- Sarah Metz, Daughter- Hailey Metz 5, Son- Cash Metz 2

Job- Driller for Patterson UTI

Favorite Animals to Hunt- Anything with my bow

Who got you into hunting- Father and Grandfather

Most Memorable hunt:  My final hunt with my grandfather, he told me something on that hunt that i will never forget "stop worrying about what your hunting boy and start enjoying the company of the people you hunt with".  Anytime i ever find myself getting to into the hunt at hand i remember those words.

Name: Scot Brewer


Hometown: Covington, IN
Family: Wife Lori, 3 sons and 1 grandson

Job: Police Officer- Sergeant, Firearms Instructor

Favorite animals to hunt: Deer, Turkey, and Waterfowl
Who got you into hunting: Father
Most Memorable Hunt: Watching my son Codie kill a Boone and Crocket deer with his bow!



Home town: 


Job: Outfitter

Favorite animals to hunt: 

Who got you into hunting:

Most memorable hunt: 

AdamBush_1_of_1Name: Adam Bush 

Home town:  Olmstead , Kentucky 

Family: Wife Amanda Bush Son Lane 

Job: Crop Production Services 

Favorite animals to hunt: Whitetail Deer

Who got you into hunting: My Grandfather  (PaPa)

Most memorable hunt : Killing my nine in 2012, I dedicated that deer to my grandfather, He passed away in may of that year. That deer was special to me because he taught me about hunting..MISS YOU Pa Pa 

 Name: Randy Birchfeild 

Home town: Rockmart ,Geogia

Family: Single ( tons of hunting gear!) :)

Job: Lineman


Favorite animal to hunt: Whitetail Deer/Turkeys

Who got you into hunting: My dad got me into deer hunting when I was 9 years old.

Most memorable hunt: My most memorable hunt was watching the look on my dads face when he shot his first pope and young whitetail and when we recovered the animal I had to tell him to calm down because I couldn't carry them both out of the woods. I thank God that he blessed me with a dad that took time to teach me to love and respect the outdoors and enjoy Gods creation


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 Family : 







Home town: 



Favorite animals to hunt: 

Who got you into hunting: 

Most memorable hunt: 

Name : 

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Job: Paramedic

Favorite animal to hunt: 

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