2015 Air Times

3rd and 4th quarters
Monday 7:30 AM EST
Wednesday 11:00 PM EST
Friday 6:30 PM EST
Saturday 12:00 PM EST

Channel 604

Channel 393

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Open Season Television is a family-oriented program bringing you the best in hunting and fishing from around the world. Our Pro-Staff team travels far and wide to capture superior hunting and fishing adventures in the highest-quality video. One feature that sets Open Season apart is our multiple camera technique that makes you feel like you're right there with us in the field. We want you to feel that you're an important part of the experience, because you are!

No matter how popular the show becomes, we will stay true to our small town, family based heritage. We will remain dedicated to conservation, wildlife management, education, and preserving our constitutional rights so that our children and grandchildren will be able to experience the joys of hunting and fishing in the future.

It's Open Season! We hope you'll join us.



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